Book 4, 3. Galatians

4 Dec

Book 4, 3. Galatians – Download

Paragraph 8.3.
Galatians 4:10
Weak and Beggarly Principles, A Relapse into Paganism
There are as many pamphlets on this Scripture as the categories
of their inferiority. “The weak and beggarly principles” “whereunto
ye desire to turn again” and “desire to be in bondage” to, they all say,
are principally manifested in and represented by keeping of the
Seventh Day Sabbath. These “weak and beggarly principles”, they
generally allege, show and prove a “return” to “Judaism”, “Judaism”
enhancing the “weak and beggarly principles” of which Paul writes.
And, mind you, these little masterpieces of draconian law agree that a
keeping of the First Day as the “Lord’s Day” sorts not under such
religious “bondage” as keeping of the Sabbath does.

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