Book 4, 4. Romans

4 Dec

Book 4, 4.Romans – Download

Par. 8.
Paul and Allegedly the Sabbath
The Three “Parallel” Scriptures
No translation of the so-called three “parallel”
Scriptures considered here could be trusted. Traditional
translations should rather be seen for the manipulations of
the text that they are to suite the Church and its observance
of Sunday. The Church is disobedient in offering Corban
through Sunday-observance in the Sabbath’s stead. In the
same proud spirit it parades disrespect for the Word with
translation of passages bearing on the Sabbath and Sunday
issue: Concerning the chronology of the crucifixion and
resurrection, Mk.15:42, Mt.27:57, Lk.23:48, Mt.28:1; about
allegedly the keeping of the First Day, Acts 20:7, Jn.20:19;
about allegedly the keeping of the Sabbath, these “parallel”
texts, Ro.14:5-6, Col.2:16-17 and Gal.4:10. The time is past
that one could sympathise with the Church for its renderings
and interpretations with respect to these passages. The
Church no longer can be accidentally mistaken. Its attempts
to present the Scriptures’ own meaning in these Scriptures are
not honest, but regularly are calculated misrepresentations.

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