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Did Jesus Rise from the Grave in Matthew 28:2-4?

23 May

Did Jesus Rise from the Grave in Matthew 28:2-4?

Matthew 28:1-4 What Happened?

Did Jesus rise from the dead when the angel opened the grave?

Have Christians believed so?

Have any Christians believed Jesus rose from the dead not then?

Other Scriptures mentioning time and place of Jesus’ resurrection?

Other sources than the Gospels?

OT Prophecies indicating place and time of Resurrection?

Has Matthew 28:1-4 been consistently translated through the ages?

WHY was Matthew 28:1-4 changed (again) only recently?

HOW did Christ Resurrect?

WHAT does Christ’s Resurrection Mean for “The Lord’s Day”?

These are some question that might be asked to answer before one even touched on the TEXTUAL and CONTEXTUAL, Grammatical and Syntactical, and Etymological and Critical factors and aspect in, of, and about the passage.

Please add questions you might think ought to be asked about the historical events mentioned in Matthew 28:2-4, in order to decide if those events had to do with Christ’s Resurrection?

Notice that I said, ‘historical events’. If you do not believe Matthew 28:28:1-4 and context are about real events and things but about for example myth and figurative metaphor merely, I politely request that you refrain from tabling such issues here because this study is undertaken from a believers’ stance.


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