Book 1, 2. Burial

4 Dec

Book 1, 2. Burial – Download

Part Two of PART ONE
Gólgotha to Géhenna
Death to Entombed
“First Day of De-Leaven”
“Jesus knew that His hour was come … unto the end!”
The Last Supper – When?
Synoptists AND John Narrate Last Supper
John relates a “supper” Jesus and his disciples had, “before the Feast of
Passover”. 13:1 of the Manifest of Yahweh’s Disciples
J.C. Ryle comments: “(John) in his Gospel leaves out the Lord’s Supper
altogether, and does not even name it”. Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, Evangelic Press 1977 Also Bolkestein

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